"You've got your friends"

That's right
Uh huh, huh

All together, time to celebrate
Hanging out with everyone, yeah
You never know what's gonna happen next
But you know it's gonna be some fun (some fun)

Life is filled with ups and downs
But when you got your friends it all works out (that's right)
Isn't it good to know (oh)

It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what you're going through, yeah
You've got your friends and they've got you (that's right)
Even if you make mistakes sometimes
When you got your friends, it always works out right (come on)

You've got your friends, ooh, ooh yeah
You've got your friends now, uh huh, yeah
You've got your friends, hey, oh, oh, oh
You've got your friends

"Help is on the way"

Oh, oh
Yeah, yeah

For us you know nothing's impossible
We get it going and we make it happen (yeah)
We're on a roll, we're unstoppable
Once we get started, yeah, nothing can stand in

Our way, okay
We live it up, having so much fun
We say we're here to stay
So get ready now, everyone

Help is on the way
Here come the girls
Nothing's ever gonna slow us down, no

Help is on the way
Here come the girls
We can do it, we can show you how now

Help is on the way

"Feel the magic"

Oh yeah
Uh huh

Joy is all around, hear the music everywhere (everywhere)
Christmas is all about the good times we share (ooh, ooh)
Hear the sleigh bells ring (yeah), Santa's coming soon (oh yeah)
Christmas songs we sing, so fun for me and you (ooh, ooh, ooh)

It's time to celebrate the best time of the year (come on)
With all our friends around, yeah (oh yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let the music play and share the Christmas cheer (yeah)
That's what it's all about (come on)

You can feel the magic (uh huh)
It's Christmas time (yeah, yeah)
What we feel from our hearts makes the holiday shine, yeah
You can feel the magic (come on)
It's in the air

Everyone taking part and the joy is everywhere
Feel the magic

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