Bratz Genie Magic
Bratz Genie Magic album cover
Released April 11, 2006
Recorded Sweden
Length 42:35
Label Hip-O Records
Produced by Matthew Gerrard

thumb|300px|link=Bratz Genie Magic is the second album released from the Bratz doll franchise. It features songs from the Bratz's feature film Bratz Genie Magic which was released in 2006 and also features songs from the Bratz TV show. The songs were written by Matthew Gerrard and Robert Nevil.


# Title Time
1. "Me & My Girls" (Performed by Yasmin) 2:23
2. "Make You Wanna Dance" (Performed by Sasha) 3:29
3. "Never Gonna Give Up" 3:16
4. "The Way We Shine" 2:51
5. "When We're All Together" (Performed by Jade) 3:07
6. "Only You" (Performed by Cloe) 3:15
7. "The Real You" (Performed by Eitan) 3:03
8. "Livin' It Up" (Performed by Sasha) 2:20
9. "Life's A Wild Ride" (Performed by Yasmin) 2:37
10. "All Together" 2:59
11. "Makin' It Happen" (Performed by Yasmin) 2:55
12. "Rollin'" (Performed by Sasha) 3:01
13. "Invincible" (Performed by Cloe) 2:41
14. "Bratz TV Theme (Remix)" 3:33

Special Target EditionEdit

# Title
15. "I Won't Stop"
16. "Never Back Down"

Special Walmart Edition Edit

# Title
15. "Everything"
16. "They Don't Understand Me"


Charts (2006) Peak
UK Kids Albums Chart 5
US Top Kid Audio 6

Album creditsEdit

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