Featured in the MoviesEdit

  • Bratz: The Movie - "My Attitude"
  • Burdine the teacher - "Workin' Overtime" (instrumental)
  • Pink assignment - "Bratz TV Theme" (instrumental)
  • Get it together - "We Can"
  • Grade As for all - "Let's Get to It" (instrumental)
  • The Bratz rule! - "Shining Like Real Diamondz" (instrumental) and "Feel The Power" (instrumental)
  • Burdine leaves - "Feel The Power" (instrumental) and "My Attitude" (instrumental)
  • Bratz: Out Of The Box - "Everything I'm Not" and "Girlfriend"
  • Aloncé! - "My Attitude"
  • Going to London - "Doin' It Right" and "Strong Enough"
  • The Aloncé scoop! - "My Attitude" instrumental
  • Tweevils at play - "Never Gonna Give Up" (instrumental)
  • Tweevils take over - "Gettin' It Right (instrumental) and "We Can Win"
  • Your Thing at number 1 - "Gettin' It Right (instrumental) and "Make You Wanna Dance" (instrumental)
  • Not a cunning plan - "Rollin'"
  • Arriving in New York - "Rollin'"
  • Tweevils on a roll - "Ready to Roll" (instrumental)
  • Burdine returns - "Never Gonna Give Up" (instrumental), "Invincible" (instrumental) and "Gettin' It Right" (instrumental)
  • Bratz: Movie Stars - "We All Can Be Starz"
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